General Understanding of Ideology, Elements, and Functions of Ideology

General Understanding of Ideology, Elements, and Functions of Ideology
The term ideology comes from Greek, consisting of two words, namely idea and logic. Idea means seeing (idean), whereas logi comes from the word logos which means knowledge or theory. So, ideology can be interpreted as findings in mind in the form of knowledge or theory. Ideology can also be interpreted as a collection of systemic concepts that are used as principles, opinions (events) that provide direction for survival.
In General Understanding of Ideology according to Macroni on Ade Ayuningtiyas Papers, where previously it has been discussed which is summarized and concluded that the ideology understanding is divided into two namely the understanding of ideology in the broad sense and the understanding of ideology in the narrow sense, In the sense of broad meaning ideology is a group of ideals, basic values, and beliefs that are highly valued are partly normative.
while the understanding of ideology in the narrow sense is an overall idea or theory about the meaning of life and values that determine absolutely how humans should live and act. while the understanding of ideology in general is the science of basic understandings or ideas, ideals, views, or understandings that are permanent that must be achieved.
Ideology is divided into two, namely open ideology and closed ideology, the differences between open and closed ideologies are very striking, so they can be easily grouped.
Country that considers Pancasila as an Open Ideology as a source of value. But in fact, Ideology is often understood differently.
Here are some ideological meanings put forward by state leaders:
Alfian: According to Alfian’s definition, the notion of ideology is a view or a system of values that is thorough and in-depth about how the best way, which is morally considered to be right and just, regulates shared behavior in various aspects of life.
C.C. Rodee: In the opinion of C.C. Rodee which states that the notion of ideology is a group that is logically related and identifies the values that provide validity for the institution and the perpetrators.
Ali Shariati: According to Ali Shariati regarding opinions on the understanding of ideology which says that ideology is as beliefs and ideas which are adhered to by a group, a social class, a nation or a certain race.
From the results of the opinions of experts regarding the understanding of ideology, it was concluded that the understanding of ideology is a collection of ideas, ideas, beliefs, which are comprehensive and systematic, which involve various fields of human life.
To find out the ideological elements and functions of ideology can be seen below .
A. Elements of Ideology
The elements that exist in ideology as below ..
A set of ideas arranged systematically
Guidelines on how to live.
The order to which a group wants to go.
Held firmly by groups who believe in it.
B. Function of Ideology
The functions that exist in ideology, among others, are as follows.
Cognitive structure, is the overall knowledge that is the basis for understanding and interpreting the world and events in the natural surroundings.
Basic orientation by opening up insights that give meaning and show purpose in human life
The norms that become guidelines and guidelines for a person to step and act
Provisions and a way for someone to find their identity.
Its strength is able to encourage and encourage someone to carry out activities and achieve goals
Education for a person or society to understand, appreciate, and pattern their behavior according to the orientation and norms contained therein.
Dimension of Ideology
An ideology that has become a belief in people’s lives can fade or fade with the times. It depends on the durability of the Ideology. Ideology will be able to withstand the changing times, if it has three dimensions, namely:
Dimension of Reality – This dimension refers to the ability of ideology to reflect the reality that lives in society, where it appears for the first time, at least the reality in the early days of his birth
Dimensions of Idealism – Dimensions of Idealism are the levels / qualities of idealism contained in basic iseology or values.
The quality determines the ability of ideology in giving hope to various groups or groups in society to have and foster a better shared life and build a brighter future.
Dimension of Flexibility – Namely the ability of ideology to influence and at the same time adjust to the growth or development of society. Influence means participating in the development process, while conforming means that the community has succeeded in finding interpretations of the basic values of ideology in accordance with the new realities that emerge and which they must face.
Thus a simple article about the understanding of ideology and elements, and functions of Ideology. may be useful for all of us. That is all and thank you.